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Sometimes, it’s hard being an Ole Miss fan

  I was recently asked to make a pledge for the production of an Ole Miss license plate for the state of Georgia. Those types of license plates have become popular in recent years.  There are special plates for all in-state universities, NASCAR, dogs and cats, the military – you name it.  Auburn, Florida and […]

On Jerrell Powe

I like Jerrell Powe.  I have since I first met him in Ole Miss’ Indoor Practice Facility in 2007 and saw that big wide grin. I had been covering Powe since he was rated the top recruit in the country for the 2005 signing class.  His road to the playing field and potential as an […]

Thoughts on Andy Kennedy

I had intended to write something in defense of Andy Kennedy before his team knocked off a very good Alabama team today in Oxford, 68-63.  In fact, I fully expected to be defending Kennedy after another loss. I have some problems with writing about Kennedy because, truth be told, I like the guy.  He impresses […]

On oversigning

Nutt wasn’t having to deal with probation, but he was trying to achieve something else – relationship building with coaches and high school prospects in-state. Evidently, it worked to some degree as Ole Miss just achieved its best signing class from within state in years, if not decades.

Thoughts on expansion

Pete Boone, Ole Miss’ athletics director, has always been nice enough to me, and overall, I think he does a pretty good job running the program. His current tenure has seen numerous facility upgrades from the new basketball practice facility to an overall upgade and expansion of baseball facilities.  There are numerous other projects completed […]

Thoughts about Ole Miss’ ongoing mascot saga

When it comes to a mascot, Ole Miss doesn’t need a Hotty or a Toddy, a Bear, or a Land Shark, or whatever – it has a mascot and that mascot is Colonel Reb.

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